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Saturday 19th September







Bent Arms Garden

African Drummers

African Drumming Performance

A lively performance by the Lindfield based African Drumming Group



African Drummers

African Drumming Performance

A lively performance by the Lindfield based African Drumming Group


Community Hall

Lindfield Primary School

African Drummers

African Drumming Workshop

Introduction to African drumming for teens and adults

Maximum 15 people [minimum age]

£5.00 a person

Additional Information

Drum workshops and ‘taster’ events are great to get people involved and to give a sense of ‘try before you buy’. Workshops are run for adults and older teens as part of a short series to bring out your inner drummer!

thedrumcoach is a not-for-profit community organisation providing drum workshops and 1-1 tuition to local adults. Donations go to the Ebola Fund and to several West African charities and causes.

We’ve also formed a Community Drum Band made up of members from these local groups, who can play short sets at local festivals and village events.

Please enquire about fees and dates available.

Questions that often arise when attending drum workshops:

What will we be learning?

Core West African rhythms, starting with the easier, more accessible ones, and building up to more complicated patterns

How to hit the drum to bring out the right sound - and not hurt yourself!

How the various drum parts connect with each other. You will also hear how the large bass drums underpin the djembe rhythms Some of the origins of the drum and the rhythms used in West African culture

How will we learn?

Mainly by having fun, and by learning and playing together! From instruction from thedrumcoach - going slowly at the start, then building up speed and technique Having time to practice and repeat the rhythms to gain more fluency and confidence

Some 1–1 time to review progress and help overcome any barriers or difficulties By using the best of current adult learning principles and memory aids

What if I haven’t played a drum before?

NO experience necessary! Just enthusiasm, bring your own talent! Don’t worry, we’ll take it easy, nice and slow to build up your confidence If you have played before/are experienced, we can build on that - more experienced players can take on more complex parts

Help, I don’t have a drum!

We limit workshops to 15 so there should be enough drums there to play. Maybe share with someone else and listen for awhile… Bring your own djembe or conga if you own one.

How fit do I need to be?  How will I play the drum safely?

No special fitness needed, but you do need to be fully able. We will use chairs and there are some straps available to help hold the drum close. You won’t hurt yourself! (well, maybe a little bruised finger!)

More about thedrumcoach… Peter has been playing and teaching for over 15 years. He is also a qualified personal development coach. He has learnt from one of the world’s drum masters, Mamady Keita. Peter has performed in West African drum and dance groups Yiri Baa and Kakandé, and with other ‘world music’ bands including Kunundrum and Glastonbury regulars - Carnival Collective.

He has formed a number of local drum workshop groups that are all progressing nicely! He also runs Summer Drum Days with a guest drummer (please enquire for dates).

Any drum workshops running nearby?

We run frequent drum workshops mostly in east Sussex and West Kent – current groups running in Lindfield, Hadlow, Sevenoaks. Payment is for a series, not a ‘drop in’ (ask for details). Personalised coaching Peter also offers 1-1 coaching and tuition as an option to learning in a group. Please ask for coaching rates and locations.

To book or make any enquiry, please contact thedrumcoach:

Email: rhythms@thedrumcoach.org

website: http://thedrumcoach.org facebook: https://www.facebook.com/peter.welch.507

t: 01892 853300 m : 0797 333 0698

I look forward to meeting you soon – come and hit the skin!

Peter Welch thedrumcoach

Tickets to be purchased in advance from SWALK, Lindfield

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