Dr Who may be returning to our screens in a week's time but more to the point is: THE DALEKS ARE! Well, one at least.


Mr Alan Dalek we would like to invite you come and try and "exterminate" the fair people of Lindfield High Street between 12.10 and 2.30 on Saturday 19th September:) However we would request that you kindly try and refrain from exterminating all the amazing Popsteps children and the Queen of Popsteps and Fitsteps Becky Stevens from Dance 2 Tone between 2 and 2.30 outside of the Red Lion.


Yes, warning warning. Once again the dalek will be back in the High Street for Saturday 19th September.

Fear not, LAF volunteers will ensure that you are safe. With the High Street closed for the day Festival goers will be able to mingle without fear of traffic and obstructions.

Just keep an eye out for the dalek and of course, watch out for the Lindfield Community Plays performing regularly down the High Street.


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