Lindfield & Cuckfield Rotary Club support the Festival – in more ways than one

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The Rotary Club of Lindfield and Cuckfield have generously sponsored the Lindfield Arts Festival with a fabulous donation of £500.00.

This adds to the funds from Barrett Homes, The Bent Arms, Lindfield Parish Council, Mid Sussex Council, Lindfield Preservation Society and the Comber Trust.

With the High Street closed on Saturday 19th September, visitors to the Festival can enjoy a myriad of activities and performances from the road and wander safely and quietly around whilst there is singing, dancing, acting and a dalek around them.

The Festival is a non-profit making charity, run by volunteers and welcomes any support over the weekend.  The Rotarians offer their services to the Festival over the weekend by running the support communications "control control" and ensuring that everything runs smoothly.  However we need volunteers to man the events and monitor venues.  If you can help for an hour or so, please let us know.

The Rotary Club of Lindfield and Cuckfield are leading the way in more ways than one, thank you.

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