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Tiger Hall, Tiger Rooms

Cavan Wood

Sir John Betjeman

Readings from Sir John Betjeman's poetry


Tiger Hall, Tiger Rooms

Cavan Wood

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Exploring the life of German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer who was involved in the plot to kill Hitler, using his letters, poems and writings


Sir John Betjeman

Sir John Betjeman, CBE (28 August 1906 – 19 May 1984) was an English poet, writer, and broadcaster who described himself in Who's Who as a "poet and hack". He was Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom from 1972 until his death.

He was a founding member of the Victorian Society and a passionate defender of Victorian architecture. He began his career as a journalist and ended it as one of the most popular British Poets Laureate and a much-loved figure on British television.

Betjeman's poems are often humorous, and in broadcasting he exploited his bumbling and fogeyish image. His wryly comic verse is accessible and has attracted a great following for its satirical and observant grace. Auden said in his introduction to Slick But Not Streamlined, "so at home with the provincial gaslit towns, the seaside lodgings, the bicycle, the harmonium." His poetry is similarly redolent of time and place, continually seeking out intimations of the eternal in the manifestly ordinary. There are constant evocations of the physical chaff and clutter that accumulates in everyday life, the miscellanea of an England now gone but not beyond the reach of living memory.

Cavan Wood has been a Head of RE since 1993. He has written textbooks for Heinemann on Judaism and Buddhism as well as for the Think RE series. He is a regular contributor to Secondary Assembly File and a reader in the Church of England.

Tickets are free, however, tickets are allocated due to limitations on seating capacity. Please register your place below.

Kali kids

Festival time is soon to be here and there's a lot for families to do. And all of it is FREE.  We are grateful to sponsors and workshop leaders for their generosity.  Please go visit them!


On Saturday 19th September from 10.00am Kalli Kids will be running children's art and craft activities until 4.30pm in the Tiger Lounge, Tiger Rooms by All Saints Church. 

HomeSmiths revised logo

Jacqui Smith, from Homesmiths is offering an interior design session for children between the ages of 8 & 16. Booking is essential. Children under the age of 12 will need to be accompanied by an adult.   Barratt Homes are sponsoring this event and Jacqui will be at the Sales Office, Heathwood Park off  Gravelye Lane, Lindfield.   There's a choice of four session from 10.00, 11.30am, 1.30 and 3.00pm. Don't miss one of them.


All Saints Church will have a Lego exhibition and you will be invited to contribute by building more models depicting bible stories.

Point4 have two workshops for different age groups on Saturday as well.  2.30 - 3.30pm for 5-10 year olds and 3.30 - 4.30pm for 10-14 year olds.  Both these need to be booked in advance. Again there's no charge but registration is necessary.  These will be in the William Allen Hall, Lindfield Primary School.


During the day on Lindfield High Street you can enjoy the dalek, Lindfield Plays, buskers and different performances in the United Reform Church and outside the pubs and Paolinos.

Lindfield primary school

Sunday 20th September has different workshops for children including Fitsteps, Popsteps, Swoove and two Voice Skills workshops for 5-8 year olds and 9-14 year olds.  All these will be at Lindfield Primary School.

wild man

However, the highlight for Sunday morning will be the Wild Man of Orford Puppet Show based on a medieval folk tale and includes puppetry, live actors, live music and projected animation, suitable for ages 6+, in the William Allen Hall, Lindfield Primary School.  Again, there is no charge but donations will be appreciated by the production company.  We're very grateful to them for coming along and supporting our Festival especially after their recent success at Brighton Festival.

I hope you agree that there's something for all ages of children. Watch out for what's going on for the adults soon.

More information at enquiries@lindfieldartsfestival.com



Vinyl Capris 2

After the success of Lindfield band night at Lindfield Primary School last Friday, the Vinyl Capris have agreed to perform for the Lindfield Arts Festival on Saturday 19th September at 8.00pm at the Bent Arms,  Lindfield.

That'll be good.

Vinyl Capris 1

More about the VCs in their own words.

"As catchy as conjunctivitis and as cool as custard.  The Vinyl Capris prove that there's no substitute for a tune whilst illustrating why "pop" music is indeed popular!"

Team LAF are working hard behind the scenes.  Not too many breaks with wine at the moment, but certainly everyone has a number of tasks to get done before the month of June is ended.

We have workshops arranged, Jacqui Smith is offering some design sessions at the new Barratts development in Gravelye Lane and the African Drumming workshop is back for another year too.  Peter Voight is offering to show you how to mend your violin, something you really need to know.

The programme is getting very busy and we are so pleased to welcome back both old friends and performers once again.  The Barefoot Players are showcasing 'Little Women' and the Mid Sussex Sinfonia are giving us a concert on Saturday night.

The Lindfield Plays will be fascinating to catch. Little snippets performed by local children and performers from all ages.  Living out Lindfield's History.

Sponsors have kindly made it possible for most of the workshops to be FREE, all you need to do is register on the website and collect a ticket from SWALK when they are available in August.

Talking of sponsors, we have so far secured funding from:

Barrett Homes, The Comber Trust, Mid Sussex District Council, Lindfield Parish Council, Lindfield Preservation Society and last but not least from Howard at the Bent Arms.  And without Cathy from Personal Potential Training we would not have our fabulous postcards nor would you see our adverts.




msdc Lindfield parishLindfield Preservation Society

Bent Arms PPT



drumcoach 3  drumcoach 1drumcoach 2

Saturday 19th September







Bent Arms Garden

African Drummers

African Drumming Performance

A lively performance by the Lindfield based African Drumming Group



African Drummers

African Drumming Performance

A lively performance by the Lindfield based African Drumming Group


Community Hall

Lindfield Primary School

African Drummers

African Drumming Workshop

Introduction to African drumming for teens and adults

Maximum 15 people [minimum age]

£5.00 a person

Additional Information

Drum workshops and ‘taster’ events are great to get people involved and to give a sense of ‘try before you buy’. Workshops are run for adults and older teens as part of a short series to bring out your inner drummer!

thedrumcoach is a not-for-profit community organisation providing drum workshops and 1-1 tuition to local adults. Donations go to the Ebola Fund and to several West African charities and causes.

We’ve also formed a Community Drum Band made up of members from these local groups, who can play short sets at local festivals and village events.

Please enquire about fees and dates available.

Questions that often arise when attending drum workshops:

What will we be learning?

Core West African rhythms, starting with the easier, more accessible ones, and building up to more complicated patterns

How to hit the drum to bring out the right sound - and not hurt yourself!

How the various drum parts connect with each other. You will also hear how the large bass drums underpin the djembe rhythms Some of the origins of the drum and the rhythms used in West African culture

How will we learn?

Mainly by having fun, and by learning and playing together! From instruction from thedrumcoach - going slowly at the start, then building up speed and technique Having time to practice and repeat the rhythms to gain more fluency and confidence

Some 1–1 time to review progress and help overcome any barriers or difficulties By using the best of current adult learning principles and memory aids

What if I haven’t played a drum before?

NO experience necessary! Just enthusiasm, bring your own talent! Don’t worry, we’ll take it easy, nice and slow to build up your confidence If you have played before/are experienced, we can build on that - more experienced players can take on more complex parts

Help, I don’t have a drum!

We limit workshops to 15 so there should be enough drums there to play. Maybe share with someone else and listen for awhile… Bring your own djembe or conga if you own one.

How fit do I need to be?  How will I play the drum safely?

No special fitness needed, but you do need to be fully able. We will use chairs and there are some straps available to help hold the drum close. You won’t hurt yourself! (well, maybe a little bruised finger!)

More about thedrumcoach… Peter has been playing and teaching for over 15 years. He is also a qualified personal development coach. He has learnt from one of the world’s drum masters, Mamady Keita. Peter has performed in West African drum and dance groups Yiri Baa and Kakandé, and with other ‘world music’ bands including Kunundrum and Glastonbury regulars - Carnival Collective.

He has formed a number of local drum workshop groups that are all progressing nicely! He also runs Summer Drum Days with a guest drummer (please enquire for dates).

Any drum workshops running nearby?

We run frequent drum workshops mostly in east Sussex and West Kent – current groups running in Lindfield, Hadlow, Sevenoaks. Payment is for a series, not a ‘drop in’ (ask for details). Personalised coaching Peter also offers 1-1 coaching and tuition as an option to learning in a group. Please ask for coaching rates and locations.

To book or make any enquiry, please contact thedrumcoach:

Email: rhythms@thedrumcoach.org

website: http://thedrumcoach.org facebook: https://www.facebook.com/peter.welch.507

t: 01892 853300 m : 0797 333 0698

I look forward to meeting you soon – come and hit the skin!

Peter Welch thedrumcoach

We're delighted to say that the lovely Cathy Hayes from Potential Personal Training has designed our new postcard.  Please collect one from the Lindfield Arts Festival Stand on Lindfield Village Day - 30th May 2015 on The Common.

Thank you PPT for your support

Postcard front


And an even bigger thank you to Barrett Homes for their sponsorship [we are waiting for their logo] but without your help we couldn't start to plan the things we want to do!

Thank you

With only four months to go Team LAF are finalising the programme by filling up venues and organising Art.

Team LAF

The Promenade Play is bound to be a success.

It's a very exciting, varied and very different feel this year.

Keep your eyes open for more information in Lindfield Life, The Grapevine and other local magazines

Who was your favourite musician or band from 2014? [and we know Toploader will be on that list!]

It's all systems go ..

The small executive team are currently sculpturing an excellent Festival for the Mid Sussex Community

We'll need volunteers, performers, writers, musicians, artists and craftsmen

Let us know what you can do

Weekend of 18-20 September 2015


Lindfield Arts Festival 2015 will be held on 19th/20th September

More details will follow closer to the time. If you have any queries please contact enquiries@lindfieldartsfestival.com

Feel free to explore what we got up to on the 2014 website


MD so sinfonia2








All Saints Church

Mid Sussex-Sinfonia

A classical concert with amazing performances of some popular and well-known music

Tickets £10.00 Concessions £5.00

On sale from Carousel Music & SWALK

The Mid-Sussex Sinfonia is a Sussex-based amateur orchestra, performing classical music concerts throughout the year at local venues.

MD so sinfonia

Tickets on sale from SWALK and Carousel

Tickets £10.00 Concessions £5.00