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Come and embrace the opportunity to learn how to play different characters, pose and strut your stuff with elegance, poise and confidence.  This session with Sarah King provides an unique opportunity for ladies to learn the art of burlesque through learning a dance routine whilst using props and embracing your inner diva!  For more information visit








Upstairs Room, Bent Arms

SK Dance

Burlesque Workshop

SK Dance teaches women the art of burlesque by learning a dance routine whilst using props and embracing your inner diva! (Ladies over 18 only)


Upstairs Room, Bent Arms

SK Dance

Burlesque Workshop

SK Dance teaches women the art of burlesque by learning a dance routine whilst using props and embracing your inner diva! (Ladies over 18 only)

Burlesque 2






Vinyl Capris 2

After the success of Lindfield band night at Lindfield Primary School last Friday, the Vinyl Capris have agreed to perform for the Lindfield Arts Festival on Saturday 19th September at 8.00pm at the Bent Arms,  Lindfield.

That'll be good.

Vinyl Capris 1

More about the VCs in their own words.

"As catchy as conjunctivitis and as cool as custard.  The Vinyl Capris prove that there's no substitute for a tune whilst illustrating why "pop" music is indeed popular!"



Little Women is a novel by American author Louisa May Alcott (1832–1888), which was originally published in two volumes in 1868 and 1869. Alcott wrote the books rapidly over several months at the request of her publisher.The novel follows the lives of four sisters—Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy March—detailing their passage from childhood to womanhood, and is loosely based on the author and her three sisters.

Little Women was an immediate commercial and critical success. Little Women "has been read as a romance or as a quest, or both. It has been read as a family drama that validates virtue over wealth", but also "as a means of escaping that life by women who knew its gender constraints only too well".








Community Hall,

Lindfield Primary School

Barefoot Players

Little Women

The brilliant Barefoot Players return to present this fantastic play.

Tickets on sale in SWALK

Reserve them below

£10.00 adults

£5.00 Concessions

AGW - Poster - Final (1)

A big thanks to the many High Street shops for offering their windows to display pictures from the Alex Wilson Memorial Exhibition which will be at The Stable, All Saints Church, High Street, Lindfield from 10-4pm on 19th September 2015.

Different Lindfield Shops will host one of Alex's pictures in the run up to the Arts Festival.


Swoove fitness logo hi resGet your Swoove on as the next big craze in fitness is launched at this years Lindfield Arts Festival.

On 28th December last year Esther Featherstone aka the Pink Lady, was doing an especially cheesy Christmas track in her Zumba class, Ricky Martins "Ay, ay, ay it's Christmas"! After singing the whole number she realised how much more fun and harder the workout had been.  Fast forward 6 months and Swoove Fitness© has been born.

Esther created the word Swoove©which means to sing, whoop & move, which is the concept of the class. The warm up will concentrate on breathing exercises & warming up the voices.  The class will then consist of at least one 80's & 90's anthem, a Michael Jackson track, a jive, a charleston, a hand jive, a disco number & current chart hits.  The hook song will be "I like to move it“ by Reel 2 Real with the lyrics being changed to ”I like to sing it, sing it, I like to whoop it, whoop it, I like to move it, move it...we like to SWOOVE it!"

Esther says she has taken on 5 years of feedback about her classes and feel there is a real niche in the market for an easier to follow dance fitness class that burns more calories.  12 of her current regulars wore heart rate monitors to several classes and sung and whooped throughout one class and stayed quiet throughout the next, the results were between 60 – 240 more calories burnt.

"Now when I say sing...I don't expect everyone to be intune"  Esther says "My tag line is calories don't have ears & don't mind if you're out of tune, they just care that you're swooving!"

“I am so unbelievably passionate about Swoove©that I am making my first fitness DVD with profits going to the fantastic local charity Kangaroos.”

The launch class for Swoove Fitness is on Sunday 20th September at 2pm at the Sports Hall at Lindfield Primary School as part of the wonderful Lindfield Arts Festival.

Don't miss out, be there at the start and go get your Swoove on!

For more information please go to www.swoovefitness.com #iliketoswooveit

Lindfield Arts festival are delighted to welcome Katie Sommers and her team performing the Wild Man of Orford.

wild man

Sunday 20th September 2015







William Allen Hall

Lindfield Primary School

Katie Sommers

Wild Man of Orford

Wild Man of Orford Puppet Show based on a medieval folk tale and includes puppetry, live actors, live music and projected animation, suitable for ages 6+.

Orford, the Suffolk coast, 1167. A fisherman hauls up a mysterious catch: a scaly, glistening creature from the depths of the sea. Man or monster?

A tale from English folklore, The Wild Man of Orford is a story of freedom, kindness and the strange wild song of the sea



Fitsteps is the result of a collaboration between ‘Strictly Come Dancing’s’ professional dancers Natalie Lowe and Ian Waite and Britain’s most successful swimmer Mark Foster. It is a mix of the graceful steps of Ballroom and the up tempo steps of the Latin dances to create a really fun, energetic and effective way to stay fit. It is the first time that classic Latin and Ballroom dances have been brought together with proven fitness techniques and principles to create not only a programme that can have extraordinarily wide appeal but one that also has the potential to make a real and lasting impact on the health of the nation.

For more information on Becky’s classes visit her website www.dance2tone.com

The free workshop will be at the Community Hall, Lindfield Primary School 11-12 on Sunday 20th September if you would like to come and have a go.



pop steps2

A sensational way to keep children fit and healthy… it’s bundles of fun and educational too!

This phenomenal new fitness idea is designed to be an energetic, motivational and inspiring activity for children, encouraging them to keep fit and healthy by learning fun and funky dance moves they see all around them and relate to the moves in a positive way. Popsteps is a fantastic mix of commercial dance styles, including jazz funk, and the combination of uplifting music and high-energy moves to create a brilliant environment. For more information on Becky’s classes visit her website www.popsteps.com.

There will be a Popsteps demonstration outside of the Red Lion on Lindfield High Street on the Saturday followed by a free workshop 1-2 at the Community Hall, Lindfield Primary School on the Sunday if you would like to come and join in.


pop steps

Sponsored by barratt

Team LAF are working hard behind the scenes.  Not too many breaks with wine at the moment, but certainly everyone has a number of tasks to get done before the month of June is ended.

We have workshops arranged, Jacqui Smith is offering some design sessions at the new Barratts development in Gravelye Lane and the African Drumming workshop is back for another year too.  Peter Voight is offering to show you how to mend your violin, something you really need to know.

The programme is getting very busy and we are so pleased to welcome back both old friends and performers once again.  The Barefoot Players are showcasing 'Little Women' and the Mid Sussex Sinfonia are giving us a concert on Saturday night.

The Lindfield Plays will be fascinating to catch. Little snippets performed by local children and performers from all ages.  Living out Lindfield's History.

Sponsors have kindly made it possible for most of the workshops to be FREE, all you need to do is register on the website and collect a ticket from SWALK when they are available in August.

Talking of sponsors, we have so far secured funding from:

Barrett Homes, The Comber Trust, Mid Sussex District Council, Lindfield Parish Council, Lindfield Preservation Society and last but not least from Howard at the Bent Arms.  And without Cathy from Personal Potential Training we would not have our fabulous postcards nor would you see our adverts.




msdc Lindfield parishLindfield Preservation Society

Bent Arms PPT