Alex Wilson Memorial Exhibition and Comedy Night

AWSponsors, Friends and Volunteers will be at the Bent Arms for the Preview Evening which is showcasing the Alex Wilson Memorial Exhibition in aid of Dementia UK.  Thank you Laura Morgan, Alex's daughter and her family and friends for helping the Lindfield Arts Festival get off to a suitable start.

This will be at 6.30pm until 8.00pm.

If you miss the preview, and you've not seen the Art trail be sure to visit the Stables on Saturday and enjoy the whole exhibition.

After decorating the High Street and highlighting the venues, setting up the Halls and churches, there'll be some relaxation for Team LAF 2015 volunteers.

Together with the Village's Festival goers, they will start their evening off with a laugh at the Comedy Night also in the Bent Arms starting at 8.00pm. lindfieldposter03 1

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