Photographs from David Hill

Saturday 19th September 2015







King Edward Hall

David Hill's Photographic Exhibition

Showcasing David Hill's work

Sunday 20th September 2015


King Edward Hall

David Hill's Photographic Exhibition

Showcasing David Hill's work


The Lindfield Preservation Society is delighted to be able to assist with and sponsor this exhibition of the stunning work of local photographer Dave Hill.

John Jesson, Lindfield Preservation Society.
September 2015.

Dave says, “The Lindfield Preservation Society have kindly offered me the chance to exhibit my pictures. I am doing this on behalf of the charity GAIN [Guillan Barre &
Associated Inflammatory Neuropathies].

Most of the work shown was from 35 mm slides, a seemingly distant age as the digital era marches on, creating different challenges. In those days I used to write
for the West Sussex Gazette accumulating a great blend of history and nature knowledge.

As I write these few words, memories come flooding back of former campaigns, like helping to create the Eastern Road Pocket Park with a number of similar minded local people who wanted it saved from housing development.

I could write another paragraph on my approach for taking pictures, but the advice would be to keep it simple, look for different angles and just be content to capture a fraction of subjective photographs with the multitude on offer.

Over the years, I have always said that paradise is here on our doorstep, but that 'step' is getting narrower as the creeping urbanisation of our towns and villages take place. What a great shame that would be if we were to leave a concrete jungle to our children and grandchildren?”

Lindfield Preservation Society

The Lindfield Preservation Society is a registered charity and welcomes everyone who cares about Lindfield. Membership brings the opportunity to add weight to calls to all planning authorities to respect our Village, its way of life  and its fabric; aims that are very relevant now as the threat of inappropriate development looms once more.

Membership takes as much or as little effort as you can spare, or no effort at all! Armchair members are as welcome as volunteers with a little time to offer. Individual membership costs £5 per year or £10 for a household. Go to for an application form.

The Society runs a series of talks throughout the year, normally at the King Edward Hall. Membership cards include the subjects and times. The talks are open to
members and the general public alike.

The Society plays a respected hands-on role in the local planning process. We make written representations to the Local Planning Authority and address Parish and District Planning Committees and campaign for decisions that respect our Village, its Community and its Infrastructure. The Society considers all Local Planning Authority planning initiatives, in particular those handed down by Government
to Regional Authorities, and where appropriate collaborates with the Parish Council to make representations.

Generally the weekly consideration of Planning matters is handled by volunteers and involves either zero or at most minimal expenditure. However a strong membership base gives authority to the opinions and arguments the Society
puts forward. Occasionally, for example when faced with a Planning Inquiry, the Society’s Management Committee decides to use some of its fighting fund and instructs a Consultant and/or a Planning Barrister to make representations on our behalf.

To paraphrase JFK, “ask not what your Village can do for you, but what you can do for your Village!”

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